Dr J. C. Kumarappa

Birth Anniversary of Dr J. C. Kumarappa

If the nature of the work is properly appreciated and applied, it will stand in the same relation to the higher faculties as food is to the physical body. It nourishes and enlivens the higher man and urges him to produce the best he is capable of. It directs his freewill along the proper course and disciplines the animal in him into progressive channels. It furnishes an excellent background for man to display his scale of values and develop his personality.“… Dr J C Kumarappa quotes

As you may aware of the fact that “Centre of Science for Villages” (CSV), Wardha started functioning in 1976 under the dynamic leadership and abled guidance of Late Dr. Devendra Kumar Gupta  from the premises of Maganwadi in Wardha. It was the place from where Mahatma Gandhi initiated the work of “All India Village Industries Association”(AIVIA) in 1934. Dr. J. C. Kumarappa, Secretary AIVIA, gave a definite shape to Gandhian concept of rural industrialization and village economy. As a mark of respect to his contribution “Centre of Science for Villages”, and “Institute of Gandhian Studies”, Wardha jointly planned an yearlong program to mark 125th Birth Anniversary from 4th January 2017 to 4th January 2018.  The yearlong celebration will commencing with a workshop at “Centre of Science for Villages”, at Dr. Devendrakumar Campus, Dattapur Wardha during 4th to 6th January 2017. In this proposed workshop the following themes are expected to be discussed.

  • Understanding the economy of Permanence?
  • Appropriate Technology: Role of AT in Agricultural Economy.
  • Nurturing Artisans: Strengthening a Time Tested Engineering Skills for Villages
  • Energy:Meeting Energy Demand of Rural Technologies in Future
  • Coordination Among Grass-root efforts and National Laboratories and Institutions
  • Finalizing the Activities to be undertaken during and after 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. J. C. Kumappaji
    1. Cycle Yatras in adjoining villages highlighting prospects of village economy to distressed farming families.
    2. Formation of study circles
    3. Publications of popular and thematic articles, journals and books
    4. Networking with likeminded individuals and institutions
    5. Extending support to 125 new enterprises in villages
    6. Finalising the draft recommendations of Programs and Policy Statements for State and Central Government.

Taking in to consideration your expertise and experience in the field, we expect your valuable contribution in any of the thematic areas to be discussed in the workshop.

You are coordially invited to participate and contribute towards the themes of the work being organized by CSV and IGS from 4th to 6th January 2017.

Your valuable inputs for the proposed yearlong programs are expected. We will be grateful, if you kindly prepare a synopsis of your presentation or experiences in the field. The organizers will be happy to take care of your local hospitality during your stay at CSV.

Village artisans, Farmers , Newly joined Development Workers and people involved in the study of Economics will be actively participating in the programme. Anticipating your active involvement in the workshop.

Dr Soham Pandya

     Executive Director

     Centre of Science for Villages, Wardha

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