Rejuvenating Pottery

 in Vidarbha Region


                In the artisanal sector Centre of Science for Villages had worked in the subject of “Red Clay Rural Pottery” as it had important role till recently. Traditionally pottery was a vibrant artisanal activity in more than 2,000 clusters of villages across India and it catered the need of the all sectors of the society.

                Since last three decades pottery is facing multiple problems associated with allied sectors. Lack of adequate Research and developmental activities absence of scientific approaches, lack of assurance regarding availability of clay of appropriate kind near potter’s cluster, and some other problems related to few logistic support. Designing efficient kiln for rural red clay pottery is also a subject of immediate technology and logistic intervention.  Market of pottery wares needs new look

 Overall discussion summed up through obtaining concern upon some focal points related to pottery and allied sectors. 

  1. Pottery needs to be protected by a policy dialogue and programs dedicated to pottery only. Government rules and regulations need to be streamlined and simplified in excavation of clay from mines and providing financial assistance for the potters to undertake production activities.
  2. Number of centers for excellence should be established to demonstrate possible intervention with S&T application. The syllabus of pottery manufacturing need to be incorporated in the education system.
  3. Government should make number of Common Facility Centers (CFC) for Potters either in selected institutes or amongst potters.
  4. Establishing pilot demonstration units on pottery across the country and pave way for the production activities and establishing replicable models.
  5. There is a need to develop all machines and equipments, which are small, hand operated or can consume minimum power.


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