• I was a co-operator too in the sense that I non-co-operated for co-operation, and even then I said that if I could carry the country forward by co-operation I should co-operate. T-4-155
  • My non-co-operation is a token of my earnest longing for real heart co-operation in the place of co-operation falsely so called. T-2-382
  • Non-co-operation with evil is as much a duty as co-operation with good. T-2-45
  • At times, non-co-operation becomes as much a duty as co-operation. T-5-276
  • Nonviolent action without the co-operation of the heart and the head cannot produce the intended result. T-5-132
  • The nation’s non-co-operation is an invitation to the Government to co-operate within on its own terms, as is every nation’s right and every good government’s duty.T-2-46
  • A government builds its prestige upon the apparently voluntary association of the governed. T-2-45
  • Drops in separation could only fade away, drops in co-operation made the ocean, which carried on its broad bosom the ocean greyhounds. T-8-97
  • A drop torn from the ocean perishes without doing any good. T-7-343

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