SFV May 2018

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Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) started functioning in 1976 by its founder Chairman and Director Late Dr. Devendra Kumar from the premises of Maganwadi in Wardha from where Mahatma Gandhi began the “All India Village Industries Association” (AIVIA) in 1934 and Dr. J. C. Kumarappa gave shape to Gandhian concept of Rural Economy. The idea behind the centre was to establish a place, which could act as a centre for transfer of technology and be a bridge between the portals of National Laboratories and doors of the Rural Mud Huts. Vision and Mission of Centre of Science for Villages:

  • To work towards a holistic and futuristic development of the small community based decentralized village economy.
  • To develop and demonstrate appropriate rural technologies which are ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just.
  • To develop the villages and arrest the erosion of its talents by promoting rural non-farm activities.
  • To promote interaction between S & T Labs & village mud huts, to enable the scientists to interact with the rural realities and learn from the accumulated knowledge in the village tradition.
  • To provide a forum to rural innovation with specialists and experts in science and technology, to provide them with necessary S & T inputs to optimize their innovated processes and products.
  • To collect and document scientific and technological information for rural areas, by establishing a good database and information system and disseminate the same through publications.
  • To undertake adaptive R & D to mould the available technology according to the local condition and skill level and Train people who could take it to the villages.

Since last three decades CSV is working on Rural Technologies, specially doing

  • Research
  • Field Trials
  • Field Extension
  • Networking
  • Training
  • Publications and
  • Policy Intervention

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