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SFV Aug-Nov 2018

An Appeal

CSV works to salvage traditional sciences through appropriate technology transfer and introduction of practical and innovative scientific products for rural areas that benefit both the people and the environment. The two campuses of CSV at Kumarappapuram and Dattapur in Wardha organise a wide variety of activities exhibiting the application of alternate technologies for rural areas both through models as well as through hands on practices in their own facilities. At these locations, CSV also provides training to artisans, Self Help Groups, micro-entrepreneurs and development practitioners on alternate technologies. For all kinds of queries and additional information, please write to us.

Contact Us …

Dr. Soham Pandya, Executive Director

Centre of Science for Villages, Wardha

Dattapur, Post Box Number 21, Wardha, Maharashtra PIN 442001

Phone- 07152-249542 and 250570 (office)

Mobile– 09890434003

Email Id — soham.ced@gmail.com and csvwardha@gmail.com



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  • admin says:

    Swaraj for India has two great problems, one internal and the other external. How can Hindus and Mussalmans so different from each other form a strong and united nation governing themselves peacefully? This was the question for years, and no one could believe that the two communities could suffer for each other till the miracle was actually worked. The Khilafat has solved the problem. By the magic of suffering, each has truly touched and captured the other’s heart, and the Nation now is strong and united.
    Not internal strength and unity alone has the Khilafat brought to India. The great block in the way of Indian aspiration for full freedom was the problem of external defence. How is India, left to herself defend her frontiers against her Mussalman neighbours? None but emasculated nations would accept such difficulties and responsibilities as an answer to the demand for freedom. It is only a people whose mentality has been perverted that can soothe itself with the domination by one race from a distant country, as a preventative against the aggression of another, a permanent and natural neighbour. Instead of developing strength to protect ourselves against those near whom we are permanently placed, a feeling of incurable impotence has been generated. Two strong and brave nations can live side by side, strengthening each other through enforcing constant vigilance, and maintain in full vigour each its own national strength, unity, patriotism and resources. If a nation wishes to be respected by its neighbours it has to develop and enter into honourable treaties. These are the only natural conditions of national liberty; but not a surrender to distant military powers to save oneself from one’s neighbours.

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