Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Prospect

Chandan Sukumar Sengupta[i]

Most of the articles of our daily use, such as earthen pot, ceramic utensils, nails etc, come from small and marginalised business houses or from any small artisans. Some of such small Artisans gradually acquire more skills and needful resources for enhancing the quality and quantity of their production. There involves the Entrepreneurship qualities that gradually pave the process of success. It is more relevant field of development that gears up the economic practices in the small area of the confluence of finance in which the Artisan and associated team members get involved. There are certain prerequisites which can jointly ascribe the possibilities of success in the course of development that any Entrepreneur supposed to come across.

Skill Acquisition

Skills needed for regulating the cycle of production or processing of certain item is the foremost factor that can bring forth the initiation of the required economic process. Understanding the productivity and processing cycle, collecting the aspiration of people, taking notes on the choice factor of users, preparing the probable productivity cycle, guessing the quantum of efforts required for making the production and processing cycle a reality are some of the pre-requisites which will expose the Artisan or Service Provider to a process oriented management framework.  Such kind of process orientation even considers probable risk factors that might put a setback in bringing out the success.

Skill of managing the entire situation especially during time of conflict and unrest is the second accomplishable quality that can maintain the pulse of productivity and processing. When to speed up the process and when to slow it down is the subject of the analysis of Demand- Supply Chain. A skillful aspirant can guess the stress of Demand – Supply chain and accordingly issue a needful guidance for people involved in operating the production and processing chain. It will be more perpetual to ascribe a system of production and processing toward bringing out a desirable result in appropriate time span.

Balance of Demand and Supply

Getting involved in production and processing only after assessment of the demand of the similar kind of products or process in the surrounding is advisable for attaining success. It is the system which can determine the financial involvement of the Artisan and Service Provider that often work in keeping the entire stream of demand and supply alive. It can even mark out the complete process of the flow of finance through different phases of the productivity and processing cycle. If any supply chain is switched on through the delivery of products or services, that chain remain active on the basis of the competitive quality as well as availing the service in time. Both quality and availability factor will determine the confluence of demand and supply up to a considerable mark. Multiple of such chain can bring an increase in the service line up of the productivity and processing cycle.

Learning from Experience

It is more advisable to keep on collecting experiences of other successful enterprises from different streams of processing and productivity and incorporating qualities of the successful enterprise in the self ascribed one. It will even bring up the quality of the system for making the product and services an acceptable one in the market. Learning from experience may lead toward any one or all of the following aspects a reality.

  1. It can pave a way of improving the quality of production and processing possible.
  2. It can expose the Artisans to the immediate need of the acquisition of required skills and instrumentation for making the system of production and processing an enhanced one.
  3. Making the production and processing cycle a resource based will be another dimension leading the artisan toward attainment of success.
  4. Production and processing cycle will become a practically accomplishable goal within the limitations of the resource base and flow of finance.

Not only that learning from experience will enhance the confidence level of an artisan and help them by all means to envision the advent of probable success through certain instrumentation and processing. By doing so, the Artisan can put forth a healthy production and processing cycle for bringing out high quality products and services.

Need of a Close Vigil

                     It is usually said that, “Danger often comes from the safest side.” That means alertness will be of no ease. Anytime and from any of the components of production and processing cycle the hidden threat of danger might mount on the entire system and make it a halt. It is, therefore, advisable that we should keep on watching the entire system for attaining assurance of the safety at all possible levels. Keeping a chance is not advisable at any instance because of the falsehood of such initiative. One cannot rely upon any loosely monitored system of production and processing cycle.

                           Owner worker conflict is another possible reason of advent of threat to a healthy system. It can be handled by designing a system of maintaining commitment to the credential of the entire implements. Commitment of owner should be maintained properly at all instances of production and processing cycle. Wage rate should be of a compatible range as per that of the immediate market. More perpetual system can make the effort a participatory one for bringing out success alongside keeping the aspirations of workers at higher pitch. We even guess a chance of attaining success through ensuring whole hearted involvement of fellow workers in the productivity cycle.

Monitoring and Evaluation

                            Usually we become more involved in monitoring the flow of finance. We even start regulating flow of finance at all possible instances. Monitoring of quality parameters often remain neglected at various levels of production and processing cycle, bringing the entire system of quality assurance system under a question mark. It often makes us secondarily dependent upon some external factors for mimicking the quality of the product and processing. It finally hampers the situation up to a greater extent leading toward degradation of quality of production and processing. Situation often becomes so critical that revival of that state usually become a less accomplishable task.

            It would be better, at this juncture, that we imply adequate emphasis upon both financial as well as qualitative monitoring initiatives duly impregnated with the feasibility analysis.

From Quality to Care

            Quality itself is a relative term that depends entirely on the quality apprehension of a limited group of people. It often implies subtle variations in between two or more quality concerns of people getting involved in delivering or accepting the services and products from the unit under consideration. What we understand as a best quality can be of some limitations to some other group of people. They may point out some of the hidden demerits of the product or services as per their level of understanding.

            It would be more advisable to skip out of the standardization of any products of services in terms of any quality parameters. More perpetually one can take care of the entire system on the basis of the level of understanding a person is maintaining. Enhancing the level of knowledge and understanding and implying the same in delivering services will be a cyclic dimension of the Care Management that remain focused upon bringing the best possible services and products from a system implement.

ICT Tools

            What one can incorporate in the system of the business cycle, and what one can keep aside for making the production and processing cycle a cheapest one is reflecting a state of dilemma for any aspirant. These days incorporation of Information and Communication tool in the business cycle is becoming an obligatory affair. It often speed up the entire process, make the instrumentation process a dynamic one, keep the business cycle at proper pace and allow proper thrust upon the manual involvements. Aspects related to Audit and Accounting, regulating human resources, designing process and instrumentation and publishing business related documents are some of the aspects duly covered up through ICT implements. It can even upgrade the entire business cycle through automation of the productivity chain.

            Regarding a misconception of replacement of manual work force by the automation, it can be clarified that the entirely automated business cycle will make it more and more result oriented as well as profitable. It can even move the process instrumentation toward adequate success mark. Our apprehension with ICT enabled skills of workers getting involved in the entire system will keep the system implements duly involved in the business cycle a vibrant one. It can make the entire system of production and processing a competent on and also it will move up to the global standard.

Insecurity Feelings

Another obstacle that often hampers the normal growth of any Artisan is the insecurity feeling related to the growth and development of certain components related to products and services. Inability of putting forth certain new item in front of the other prevailing ones as an exemplar one often put the effort under question mark. Before placing any item for trial the fellow artisan lose all hope and come to a fixed apprehension for not contemplating upon the effort of making the productivity chain alive. Foremost reason of the sustained insecurity feeling is because of the lack of any financial stability and also lack of any direct regulation upon the market. Marketing professionals usually opt for any item that people become habituated for. They rarely agree upon putting some new item on their tray for a trial. This kind of affinity of the marketing professionals makes the marketing effort a challenging one for artisans.

It can be handled properly by adopting some confidence building measures keeping the artisan in the central focus. Creating Artisan’s group, availing community market network, making all products available at public places, availing market support to artisans by any public enterprises are some of the immediate measures which can enhance the level of confidence of fellow artisans up to a certain level.

Analysis of Market

Selection of any product or service for large scale operation is the subject of looking upon the market for the assessment of the immediate demand of the same. There may be some of the basic questions which can be put forth for such kind of analytical study being conducted by the artisan for the purpose of the product assessment drive.

Some of such questions will be as follows:

  1. What type of persons gets the immediate benefit of the newly developed product or service?
  2. Are there any other sources involved in the delivery of such type of services?
  3. If yes, then is there any demerits remain hidden in their products and services?
  4. If some demerits of available products and services are duly pointed out, then is the newly launched product and service come up in the market after resolving such demerits?
  5. Is there any comparative study on the cost effectiveness of the product and service under consideration?
  6. What is the immediate reference area of the product and service that bring out for the business circulation and make the entire stream operational?
  7. What are the challenging aspects of the service line up related to making products and services alive?

Thinking upon all sorts of safeguards related to make the effort of productivity a successful one is the aspect that requires immediate attention of the fellow artisan. Keeping oneself aware of the advent of all sorts of difficulties is the immediate requirement of the success indication.

Know Oneself

Shopkeepers worship their beloved God before opening the hut, industrious people worship God just before cementing the first brick of their construction works, crafts person worship their instruments during some fixed interval of days to commemorate the supreme power. Worship of energy and efforts is the custom of universal occurrence.  There occurs an emotional attachment of artisans with their instruments. They even take care of their instruments on a regular basis. Gradually they come up with an enhanced vision of putting their efforts to keep all the instruments at perfectly operational state. They even consider their instruments as their immediate focus of scheduled daily activities.

Nobody claim the direct interaction with God, but we can feel the presence of such Divine power within ourselves. Manifestation of such power will put us at a state of success where we become fearless in delivering our best possible efforts and services to our immediate reference group. That state of awakening will be the accomplishable goal for any individual including the fellow artisan.

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